Lawns & Gardens

Lakeview Rona and Rona McGaughey have everything you need to transform a landscape – from topsoil to mulch and so much more. Best of all, Lakeview Rona and Rona McGaughey provide fast and flexible delivery options of all their high quality lawn and garden products.


Fresh, high quality soil is the key to any lawn or blooming garden. Our soil is replenished every few days during landscape season with the most nutrient rich, moist soil you can find in the North Bay area.

Mulch & Bark Chips

A must have, for any landscape, is mulch that provides moisture for your garden soil and provides an excellent weed barrier. Lakeview Rona and Rona McGaughey offers the widest selection of colours and varieties of mulch in the North Bay area.

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Half- Yard

Small Bag

Enhance® Bright Red Cedar Bark Mulch $74.99 $40.99 $3.50
Enhance® Black Bark Mulch $74.99 $40.99 $3.50
Classic Cedar   $74.99 $40.99 $3.50
Gro-Max® Premium Garden Soil $74.99 $40.99 $3.50
Stone Dust $52.99 $34.44 $3.57
3/4” Pea Stone Washed $54.99 $35.74 $3.57
A Gravel $44.99 $29.24 $2.89
River Stone 2” to 4” $69.99 $45.50 $4.49
3/4” Crushed Stone $63.99 $41.60 $4.51
Rona Big Bag 1 Cubic Yard – Refillable  $15.00 ea.
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Aggregates & Stone

Lakeview Rona and Rona McGaughey offer a wide array of aggregates and stone products for every possible landscaping use. Best of all, you can trust Lakeview Rona and Rona McGaughey to provide unmatched experience in landscaping needs and flexible stone delivery within North Bay.

Decorative Stone & River Rock

For wet or dry riverbeds, walkways, border edging and a million other uses, Lakeview Rona and Rona McGaughey offer a fantastic selection of the very finest in river rocks and decorative stone.

Crushed Stone, Sand & Gravel

Aggregates are crushed particles of rock, sand or gravel that are usually used for projects such as under decks, under sheds, interlocking driveways and more.

Decorative Landscape Boulders

Lakeview Rona and Rona McGaughey offer the most unique and breathtaking landscape rock for water features, landscape focal points and retaining walls.

Retaining Wall Stone

For larger projects, Rona offers chocolate and mountain grey stone that are hewn and shaped to create stunning retaining walls and landscape accents. These walls are both strong and exquisite when completed and require equipment for installation.

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