Our Electrical Departments

The Electrical Department is different from every other department at Lakeview Rona and Rona McGaughey. We help our customers make the best choices they can and are always aware of safety factors. We have a thorough understanding of what you’re up against with electrical work. There are many laws to consider when doing electrical work and it’s important you know what they are before you start. Our expert understanding of our products, electrical legislation and safety make us your best friend when it comes to wiring your home or any other electrical job.

About The Staff

Decades of experience are important for any department, but nowhere more so than electrical. You need to know what kind of wire to buy and what the current code regulations are. Our staff will ensure you get not only the right products for your job but also the most up to date advice on all electrical matters. Codes are changing all the time and it’s important to know exactly what you are doing before you start work on an electrical job. Our job is to make sure you’re ready to do yours.