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Design the ultimate outdoor living space with your paving stone and landscaping experts, Unilock.

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Our Landscaping Departments

Knowing what kinds of pavers or retaining wall blocks to use for specific projects is important. Whether you’re building a new deck, a driveway or a retaining wall you want to know the weight of the stone, how much manual labour is involved and how much experience is needed. From the beginning to the end of the project we’ve got you covered. Understanding the products and knowing the job from start to finish is what we do. We have a large selection of colours and products in stock and of course we can special order anything you need. We are North Bay’s proud dealer of Unilock Landscape Products.

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About The Staff

As with all Lakeview Rona and Rona McGaughey’s departments, you’ll find helpful staff with years of experience in our Landscaping Department. However, in addition to their hands-on expertise with landscaping, our staff have undergone extensive training with specific landscaping products. This makes them not merely knowledgeable and experienced, but certified.

Unilock Landscaping Products

For the past 10 years we’ve been committed to supplying the latest in landscape design. We’ve made this commitment because at Lakeview Rona, Rona McGaughey and Unilock, we feel your outdoor space should be designed to connect with your home. So, it’s no surprise more families are choosing to work with architects, designers and craftsman who recommend products from our line of unsurpassed Unilock Select pavers.

If you’re planning to landscape your home, we’re confident you’ll be inspired by all that Unilock has to offer. Be sure to check out a couple of our latest innovations: Rivercrest Wall, Town Hall and Windermere pavers.

We work hard to bring you the best selection of quality products and support because we believe that the outside of your home should be as beautiful, functional and welcoming as the inside of your home.